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The first sound we hear when we come out of the womb is a voice… Our shared connection to the human voice is hard-wired into our systems. In music, above all else, we identify with - and judge a song by - the voice that's singing. As popular as the guitar is - with games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band that highlight the guitar - there aren't any shows on TV about them! The Voice, American Idol, (etc.) all focus on the power of the human voice to connect.

So… sing. Sing! SING! If you don't know how, one of our staff can teach you. If you already know how, we can help you to make your voice even better. Don't know what to do once you're behind the Mic? One of our performance coaches can hook you up to be the performer you've always wanted be: whether you want to sing Karaoke at your local club or sing for your family at supper, we can help you achieve your dreams. Sign up for voice lessons, you know you want to!