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Why Our Method Rocks

The Rock Lab Method was developed by Dave Wilbur over many years of teaching and playing music professionally in both studio and live performance settings. He found that traditional music instruction methods that emphasize building a student's technical ability first often fell flat because the student receives little early encouragement. Students come to learn musical instruments because of their love for music, and Dave found that lacking at most music schools. Dave's Rock Lab Method directly addresses a student's need to be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment early on. As proof, many, many students without previous musical background have been able to play in a performance at the end of a 12 or 15 week semester after study and practice using Dave's method.

Our method keeps students interested precisely because they can quickly see how those foundations support all of their favorite music, and they begin to plan which song they want to unlock and learn next. Mastering song after song gives students confidence and rewards their efforts with the joy and anticipation that made them want to play in the first place.