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Let Dave Wilbur's Rock Lab help you become the guitarist, bassist, drummer, keyboard player or singer you've always dreamed you could be.

Parents, teens, kids, even seniors—people of all ages can quickly learn to play and sing modern music using the Rock Lab Method, on their core instrument of choice: Piano, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Drums, or Voice.

Because the Rock Lab approaches music instruction using Dave Wilbur's methods, the lessons are structured for results. The typical Rock Lab student can (and consistently does) go from not playing at all to performing in the end-of-semester concert in as little as 5 weeks.

The Rock Lab Method is based on a solid music theory foundation but gives students a vision into their musical future. Once the key concepts of music are unlocked, students quickly make the leap into direct application to songs they know and love. Our Rock Lab method books make what our instructors teach in lessons immediately applicable to familiar songs so students can play recognizable favorites right away. The reason students come to learn an instrument is for the love of music, so the main Rock Lab difference is playing what the student knows.

When students achieve the accomplishment of playing recognizable favorites based on Rock Lab fundamentals taught using our intuitive methods, it helps them retain what they've learned. Our method keeps students interested precisely because they can quickly see how those foundations support all of their favorite music, and they begin to plan which song they want to unlock and learn next. Mastering song after song gives students confidence and rewards their efforts with the joy and anticipation that made them want to play in the first place.

Rock Lab students enrolled in the Rock Band Class program get a chance to apply what they've learned in their private lessons and to reveal their inner rock star by playing with other student musicians of their same skill level. Learning an instrument alone is fun, but playing with other musicians? Well, as any professional musician will tell you, that's where the magic really happens.

Parents love the visible, audible progress that our system provides. See some parent testimonials here. They don't need to remind their students to practice, because the Rock Lab method isn't work, it's play! And you won't need to pay for years of lessons to hear Johnny finally play something other than scales.