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Ahhhh, Piano/Keys. What to say?

If taught correctly, Piano is kind of like the Bookish-Gal-In-Glasses in the movies that is secretly gorgeous, but you don't KNOW she is until she takes off her glasses and lets down her hair.

Dave wishes he had a buck for every time he heard someone say "I USED to play piano… But lessons were awful so I quit. I HATE piano!!". Turns out what people hate about piano isn't the piano, really, it's the method and style of piano they were taught. 99% of piano teachers teach "Old School" piano: Read Notation, Read, Read, Read and Read. Very little time - if any - is spent learning to do all of the things a guitarist does: play by ear, read a chord chart, solo (!), etc.

A well-balanced Piano/Keys player should be able to do all of those things, PLUS be able to read standard "notation" ("reading the dots" as non-classical musicians call it...)