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Dave Wilbur's Rock Lab (formerly Modern School of Music) has been selected as the 2011 Best of Orem Award winner in the Music Schools category by the US Commerce Association.

Parent Reviews

"Let me start by saying I am 38 years old (just so you know you are never too old to start!) and I have always wanted to play the drums. I began 5 weeks ago and I can already play several songs. I HIGHLY recommend Dave Wilbur's Rock Lab. Not only are the instructors professional, they are FUN!"


Dave Wilbur's Rock Lab is superb. I'm a mom of five but also a "has-been" recording artist. After three months working with Dave, my 9-yr-old son can accompany me in just about any popular or blues song, IN ANY KEY I NAME. Need I say more? I've had accompanists with advanced degrees in music who couldn't do that, in fact, most of them couldn't even improvise "Happy Birthday" to save their life. If your child's greatest desire is to play Rachmaninoff and Chopin, then stick with classical. But if he/she loves contemporary music, and wants to be able to actually USE his/her talent outside of recitals, think twice and go check out Dave Wilbur's Rock Lab. (And yes, the kids can still learn to play the hymns with this method, since I know that is a goal for a lot of moms.)


The teachers at Dave Wilbur's Rock Lab are fantastic with kids. They work with them in a way that develops their skills, teaches them the value of practicing and increases their self confidence. My boy might not be the next Eric Clapton, but what he is learning at the school will help in school and life no matter what he chooses to do.


I had 2 children participate in the Rock Lab and they grew so much in skill and confidence. The teachers there really know their stuff and are excellent at encouraging the students. My kids have gone on to do many professional gigs and got accepted into college groups, as well. I like the variety of music that they teach, also. It was a great experience for our family!

Lynda R.

Student Testimonials

Words cannot express how wonderful Dave Wilbur's Rock Lab is. You always hear of people quitting lessons because they feel they've learned all there is to know, but with the Rock Lab, there's none of that; I have learned more music theory from Dave, the owner, than I have in my five years of being in concert bands and taking private lessons from fancy clarinet gurus with fancy musical degrees. Not only are their lesson plans solid, but the environment is very positive, and very welcoming.

Caitlyn J.

Dave Wilbur's Rock Lab is seriously an amazing place. The teachers are so talented and they know so much about what they're teaching! I am well educated in keyboards now and working with others in rock band class was an awesome experience as well!

Jamie P.

I used to take guitar from your typical neighborhood guitar teacher… you know, that kid who teaches out of his basement? It used to frustrate me, considering only a few months in, I felt I had learned everything he had to offer. So, I gave up. A few years later though, I started taking from Dave, the owner of the Dave Wilbur's Rock Lab, and wow! It was like a whole new world opened up! I have been taking from Dave for two and a half years now, I have never felt better about my music playing abilities, and I know he still has so much more to teach me. Anyone interested in actually learning music should consider Dave Wilbur's Rock Lab.


I am a soldier in the Army National Guard, and this spring I was deployed to Afghanistan with a Forward Surgical Team. I had my guitar shipped over here as well as my music books and what not. Since then five guys in my unit have decided to take up guitar while they are here as well. They keep asking me which book they should buy, (they just ordered guitars), and I keep coming back to what I learned from Dave Wilbur's Rock Lab seven years ago. I have all of my chord shapes and transitions as well as my pentatonic positions engraved deeply in my mind because of the way it was illustrated and diagrammed in my Rock Lab book.

Stephen W.