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Slappa Da Beahs!! The Bass is the glue of a band, the binding that connects the "chording" instruments (guitars, keys) to the "rhythmic" instruments (drums, percussion).

Of all the instruments he plays, the Rock Lab's founder and "Jefe", Dave Wilbur, feels that the Bass guitar is his "home". "The bass is a great instrument, a supremely approachable instrument. You can go from not ever having played at all to laying down a basic groove that's the backbone of a song within minutes, so it tends to be super-easy to get into. Alternatively, though, it could take YEARS to nail some of the super-complex, insanely challenging bass-specific masterpieces by players like Jaco (Pastorius), Stanley (Clarke), Michael Manring or Victor Wooten. There is literally no end to how far you can go with the bass."

The bass is the 'power behind the throne'… under recognized, but crucial to the groove. Get a great bassist together with his/her musical soul mate - the drummer - and you've got a screaming band, no matter what you put on top of it. (Almost!). Get mediocre players in those spots and you'll have… non-magic. No one may be able to put their finger on it, but it will be FELT when those spots aren't filled like they could be.

Try it… You'll love it.Sign up for bass guitar lessons. We are located downstairs in the Orem Piano Gallery.